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Baby line’s mission - unconditional care
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Compliance with German quality standards, European certifications, the use of natural ingredients and the recommendations of children's dermatologists allow us to offer products of the highest quality for your babies

Care of the environment

Care of the environment The Baby line company takes into account all changes and trends that affect the environment, society and the economy.

Every day we create the basis for our long-term trusting cooperation. Only if we take responsibility, can we be successful, create added value and maximize benefits for society and the environment. For more information, see the Certificates section

We care about the world we live in!

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Quality certificates



DIN EN ISO 14001:2015

DIN EN ISO 14001:2015

IFS Household and Personal Care

IFS Household and Personal Care Products

FSC® certification

FSC® certification



PEFC сертификация

PEFC certification

Скандинавская экомаркировка (Swanlabel)

Scandinavian Ecolabel (Swanlabel)

Сертификация Vegan

Vegan Certification




Daab label





Clients recommend us


When my baby was born, I immediately thought of cosmetics for it, because now there is no way without skin care creams. There are different cosmetics on the market now and I want to choose a quality product, not misleading advertising. My friends advised me to try Baby Line's cosmetics, after which it became my constant favorite.


After the birth of my second son, I got to know Baby line's baby care cosmetics for the little ones. And I didn't regret it. The manufacturer promises us that baby milk will provide the baby's delicate skin with moisture and protect it from outside influences. And it is like that. Always after bathing we have a time of tenderness and skin care. I noticed that just after bathing, if I do not moisturize the skin with milk, it becomes dry. That's why I always try to put milk on. Well, plus a light massage.


The cosmetic is immediately noticeable among all baby care products. One of my first products in the Baby Line is a wash gel. I really liked the composition of this gel. It contains panthenol and chamomile. Surprisingly, this product is made entirely without soap and dyes. That bribed me. Tested by allergists. So I wanted to buy the best, especially since there wasn't a huge cost to the child.


For the first time, Baby Line cosmetic was presented to me on discharge from the maternity hospital. It was a baby cream in the diaper area. On the first day I tried it on newborns (it is 0+) and was satisfied, although I was always very skeptical about creams, and before it seemed to me that only Baby powder cope well with redness. After the cream, I changed my mind.) I fell in love with the quality immediately.


When you are expecting your first child, you want her to have the best. When I was pregnant, my husband and I watched a lot of video reviews about baby cosmetics. We discussed for a long time which one we liked more, we chose the baby line and we were right.


When I was discharged, I was given a baby line cosmetic set with excellent wet wipes. We needed them on a walk - they cleaned the baby's skin well, smelled nice, and didn't take up much space in the mother's pocket, and that's important when you have a lot of small but very necessary things).


Even before the baby was born, I bought Baby Line cream and baby powder. I really like these products. Cosmetic are made in Germany, of high quality, good composition everywhere without chemicals. Does not cause allergies, smells very pleasant, is inexpensive. I use the powder regularly, almost every day, after bathing. The cream helps to get rid of diaper rash and redness on the baby's delicate skin. In addition, the cream moisturizes the skin well. Sometimes I even use it myself.


We got a gift in the form of these cosmetics, when we tried it, I found that the quality is quite good, we didn't have any rashes or redness. Now we continue to use the bath gel and oil, we especially like the bath gel and oil, I am very happy and now I buy such cosmetics for my child, I cannot say that it suits everyone, as all babies have different skin and cosmetics have to be selected individually , but definitely worth trying.


When I gave birth to my second child, a long-awaited daughter, we were given a set of Baby Line cosmetics, milk, baby oil, shampoo and diaper cream. These cosmetics can be used from the baby's first days of life. The product contains plant extracts and natural oils, contains no alcohol, no colorings or preservatives, which is very important for sensitive baby skin. It has a pleasant aroma, removes redness well, a large packaging volume.